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What in the Hell is Demonshrine?

Where the Evil Things Come Out and Play

A Brief History of Demonshrine

Demons and demonic figures are a common element in human history, mythology, and religion; they continue to make frequent appearances in popular culture such as movies, books, and television.

Usually they end badly, how unkind of pop culture.

Abused demons needed a place to call home, so here it is — Demonshrine!

The goal of Demonshrine is not to champion feasting on children, corruption of maidens, or worship of dead religious icons (demonic or otherwise). Too hard to rank in Google for such common themes. Demons are no less real than Jesus Christ or Allah, so try not to make an idiot of yourself. Tattoos and piercings are forever. Unless you rip them off or out, in which case, scars are forever. Choose your demons wisely, we're working on a helpful list to get you started.

Information is a precious thing, and a comprehensive list of demons is hard to come by; harder still is a source for apocalyptic art, stories, movies, and reviews of same. Especially really bad movies, but not bad enough to get thrashed by the mainstream press.

While it is doubtful every last incubus finds their way into the archives, and more doubtful still the familiars force themselves to watch and review every B-grade demon-related monster movie that comes along, we'll do what we can.

Horns up, and enjoy!

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